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#TopTenTuesday – Poolside Reading

  So I've stumbled across this thing called a "writing meme" - I can't find a definition or a site that compiles a list of them in one place. But, they are essentially trending writing prompts.  The first one I found, while perusing other writerly blogs, was Top Ten Tuesdays, hosted by That Artsy Reader… Continue reading #TopTenTuesday – Poolside Reading

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Reaping the Rewards of Close Reading

The very first day of my Critical Reading and Writing: Short Story Writers class last semester, my teacher had us read "Close Reading," the first chapter from Francine Prose's Reading Like a Writer, and "Good Readers and Good Writers" by Vladimir Nabokov.  My courses stressed the importance of "reading closely," -- like a writer, not a… Continue reading Reaping the Rewards of Close Reading

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Where In the World Have I Been?

I don't believe I've written a post since last MAY!!! What an eventful span of time it's been.  My computer went on the fritz.  Geek Squad estimated it would cost $300+ to fix.  So  I stopped using it, relying solely on my phone for the internet.  Then, one day I decided to turn my laptop… Continue reading Where In the World Have I Been?


Lord, In My Heart

Lord, In My Heart For Countee Cullen   Holy haloesRing me round Spirit waves onSpirit sound Meshach andAbednego Golden chariotSwinging low I recite themin my sleep Jordan's coldand briny deep Bible lessonsSunday school Bow before theGolden Rule Now I wonder If I tried Could I turn myCheek aside Marveling withAfterthought Let the blow fallSaying naught Of my true Christ-like control And the nature of my soul Would I strike withrage divine Till… Continue reading Lord, In My Heart


“The graduation…

"The graduation at Fort Hare offered a moment of introspection and reflection. I was struck most forcefully by the discrepancy between my old assumptions and my actual experience. I had discarded my presumptions that graduates automatically become leaders and that my connection to the Thembu royal house guaranteed me respect. Having a successful career and… Continue reading “The graduation…

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Over a Month Spent on “12 Years…”

"'There are monkeys among white people as well as black, when you come to that,' coolly remarked Bass.  'I know some white men that use arguments no sensible monkey would.  But let that pass.  These niggers are human beings.  If they don't know as much as their masters, who fault is it?  They are not… Continue reading Over a Month Spent on “12 Years…”

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Not Another Sports Story

"Life owes me nothing.  Baseball owes me nothing.  But I cannot, as an individual, rejoice in the good things I have been permitted to work for and learn while the humblest of my brothers is down in a deep hole hollering for help and not being heard.  That is why I have devoted and dedicated… Continue reading Not Another Sports Story

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Tis the Season for Good Reads

Below is my latest blog post for FacesofYou.Net, a website created by fellow Howard Alumna Shari Logan that is dedicated to the uplifting and empowerment of young female girls. You can read part of the post here.  Click the link in the title for the full story. Tis the Season for Good Reads Blog written… Continue reading Tis the Season for Good Reads