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Where In the World Have I Been?

I don’t believe I’ve written a post since last MAY!!!

What an eventful span of time it’s been.  My computer went on the fritz.  Geek Squad estimated it would cost $300+ to fix.  So  I stopped using it, relying solely on my phone for the internet.  Then, one day I decided to turn my laptop on again and it worked!!!

Last fall, I moved to a brand new city in a brand new state: Chicago, IL!  On Monday, I am about to begin my second semester as a graduate student pursuing my MFA in Creative Writing – Fiction.  Of course, I’ve been reading.  I even created a GoodReads account over the holidays!!

Below are a few things I’ve read since I last touched base (in no particular order)

  • And Then We Came to An End by Joshua Ferris –> A hilarious story about the day-to-day interactions of co-workers at an ad agency.  If you like the show “The Office,” this is definitely a must-read.  Or, if you a writer who appreciate unique styles and voices, this book will definitely be a good one to study.  I’ve never read a story done this way and Ferris wrote it the way he did with a purpose that I definitely felt at the end.
  • One Day It’ll All  Make Sense: A Memoir by Common –> What I liked most about this book is that Common didn’t write it as if he was giving a guidebook to a life of deeper meaning (Am I the only person who looks to Common and his music as ways to propel into deeper waters??  Something about him just makes me want to stretch to a higher plateau).  He admitted he’s not always that conscious persona we see — although he often is.  But it’s important to recognize that he’s a growing man first.
  • Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche –> Because EVERYONE seems to suddenly be reading this book (yes, even this white woman in the nail shop) I was very hesitant to pick it up.  But, I’m glad I did.  I could NOT put it down.
  • The Temple of My Familiar by Alice Walker –> Honestly, I got halfway through this book and then left it.  It started out really good.  And then I got lost.  And distracted.  And picked up another book instead.
  • The Way Forward is with a Broken Heart by Alice Walker –> It’s a hybrid between fiction and memoir.  In it, Alice begins by writing letters to her ex-husband, recalling their interracial marriage and the strains that came with it during the Civil Rights Era.  But then it takes a life of its own, relating other love stories, many fictionalized but loosely based on the lives of people she knew when her and her husband were together.
  • Meridian by Alice Walker –> This may very well be my FAVORITE book by Walker.  It was just beautiful.  I don’t even know what to say.

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