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#BookToMovieTrailer – Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali

Director: Marcus A. Clarke Producer: Kenya Barris Studio: Netflix Slated Release: Thursday, September 9, 2021 Run Time: 1 hour 36 minutes Book: Blood Brothers - The Fatal Friendship Between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X Author: Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith Publication Date: November 1, 2016 Publisher: Basic Books Page Count: 362 pages In her review of the film for The Hollywood Reporter, Lovia Gyarke notes,… Continue reading #BookToMovieTrailer – Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali

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#BookToMovieTrailer – Dune

  Book: Dune Author: Frank Herbert Originally Published: August 1965 Publisher: Chilton Company Page Count: 896 When Frank Herbert passed in 1986, The New York Times reported that his best-known novel Dune had sold more than 12 million copies.  Originally intended to be a trilogy, the series eventually grew to six novels.  The New York Times also reported that it had… Continue reading #BookToMovieTrailer – Dune

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Book Review – Wisdom From The Mother of Black Hollywood

Title: The Mother of Black Hollywood: A Memoir Author: Jenifer Lewis Pages: 336 Rating: 5/5   Caring for a newborn can make reading (and blogging) difficult.  So when my college roommate Dawn offered to gift me a free book on Audible, I readily accepted.  I also knew just what I wanted to listen to -… Continue reading Book Review – Wisdom From The Mother of Black Hollywood

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Those Women We Almost Seem To Know

One time, in my graduate Creative Writing program, a classmate referenced Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club so casually that I immediately sensed he or she hadn't read it.  I hadn't either.  Do not be alarmed - this was not a reading assignment.  The person speaking hoped to draw a comparison between the actual assigned work… Continue reading Those Women We Almost Seem To Know

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Book Review – How Scary is Pet Sematary?

Title: Pet Sematary Author: Stephen King Pages: 395 Rating: 3.7/5   I've mentioned this before: my grandma says Pet Sematary, published in 1983, was so scary that she put it down halfway through and didn't pick up another book by Stephen King until Mr. Mercedes, which debuted in 2014.  A fan of King myself, I can't… Continue reading Book Review – How Scary is Pet Sematary?

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Book Review – Five-Carat Soul

Title: Five Carat Soul Author: James McBride Pages: 308 Rating - 5/5     'See, God favors the righteous.  He favors us with words!.... Words, boy!  Not a pistol or knife or cannon lingering in the whole bunch!  Just words, passed from one ear to the next! Oh, yes, I wish I was lettered.  Them..… Continue reading Book Review – Five-Carat Soul

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#BookToMovieTrailer – Pet Sematary

For my grandma, Pet Sematary was the book.  The last straw.  She read it in the 80s but couldn't finish it.  Too scary.  She did not finish the book -- couldn't -- and did not read another Stephen King novel until the mid-2000s. In case you don't believe my grandma's thoughts of the book, consider King's.  Rumor… Continue reading #BookToMovieTrailer – Pet Sematary

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#TopTenTuesday – New To Me

Another #TopTenTuesday post, hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. This week's topic is a discussion on new authors read last year.  Thank goodness for Goodreads because I had forgotten some of the books read earlier in the year.  Of the 20 read, only 4.5 were people I'd read before (J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Kiese Laymon,… Continue reading #TopTenTuesday – New To Me