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Over a Month Spent on “12 Years…”

"'There are monkeys among white people as well as black, when you come to that,' coolly remarked Bass.  'I know some white men that use arguments no sensible monkey would.  But let that pass.  These niggers are human beings.  If they don't know as much as their masters, who fault is it?  They are not… Continue reading Over a Month Spent on “12 Years…”

The Books

Not Another Sports Story

"Life owes me nothing.  Baseball owes me nothing.  But I cannot, as an individual, rejoice in the good things I have been permitted to work for and learn while the humblest of my brothers is down in a deep hole hollering for help and not being heard.  That is why I have devoted and dedicated… Continue reading Not Another Sports Story

The Books

Inside “The Big Sea”

A Look at the Socio-Political Implications of Langston Hughes' Autobiography “You see, unfortunately, I am not black…. In Africa, the word is more pure. It means all Negro, therefore black.” (Hughes 11) So begins Langston Hughes’ flashback into his childhood in The Big Sea, the autobiography that narrates his life and times until the end… Continue reading Inside “The Big Sea”