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When one of my closest friends/cohort in Chicago was wanting to get back to her love of photography for Spring 2016- I was excited for two reasons. One I love to take pictures (if not obvious from how I choose to document/share my life), but enjoy being on the other side of the lens as well 2. I did not know this was a passion of a wonderful woman who I have come to grow and love living in this city. If anything it just proves to me there’s always hidden passion projects/facets to my friends I still have yet to learn.

My boyfriend who I have shared a long distance relationship with for the better part of 2015 was visiting for the holidays and I decided to combine Courtney’s need to practice her skill set with my desire of wanting to memorialize our 2015 in a cute way. So…

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Young Adults Mingle at 28 Days of Networking

On Saturday, Feb. 28, Chicago's young adults mixed and mingled at 28 Days of Networking, hosted by Taylor Robinson and Vickee Yang at Exact Publicity in downtown Chicago. The event was organized by The Social Club and DJ'd by DJ Kimani.  It included performances by R&B singer Chesley Krischelle, guitarist Ducky, poet Jasmine Cambry, soul… Continue reading Young Adults Mingle at 28 Days of Networking