My Reading List

The Wish List Pt. I

A self-professed bibliophile, I devour books.  I am constantly making mental lists of books to read — eventually.  I am almost always purchasing new books, often before procuring and reading the books on my list.

There’s not much method to my book selection process.  I typically don’t read book reviews beforehand.  Sometimes, all it takes is a title to reel me in.  Sometimes, it’s the jacket.  Other times, it’s the blurbs.  And still other times, I simply have a hankering for something that won’t be satisfied until I get a certain feel from the book, whether it’s from actually holding it, reading a few pages, or simply discovering it’s genre.

I have a broad range of interests, from mystery and suspense to sci-fi and fantasy.  Currently, I’m leaning toward more Afrocentric authors, in particular autobiographies and anthologies.  However, this isn’t a strict rule (I recently finished books I and II of the Wicked Trilogy).

Below are some books I plan to read this year.

Angela Davis: An Autobiography

The April 5 debut of “Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners” into select AMC theatres across the country sparked an interest in me to learn more about this revolutionary soul sistah.  Before viewing the documentary, I knew only vague details of the woman that is Angela Davis.  Watching the movie, I gained a greater sense of her but the documentary only whetted my appetite to know more.  I hope this autobiography can shed more light on this controversial woman who’s dissent underground aroused a nation-wide hunt.

Business Unusual by Linda F. Beed

 Business Unusual is the first novel of independently published Dr. Linda Beed.  A true orator, Dr. Beed describes herself as an “author, educator, speaker, story-teller, and children’s minister.”    I recently received an autographed copy of Business Unusual and an anthology in which she contributed a story story.  In describing her works, Dr. Beed was able to paint such a vivid imagery of the characters that I felt as if I were experiencing a movie trailer.

Getting To Happy by Terry McMillan

The Waiting to Exhale women Savannah, Gloria, Bernadine, and Robin are back in this seemingly soul-defining sequel.  “They’ve exhaled,” the description reads.  “Now it’s time for them to breathe.”  While I’m not too sold on this late sequel to what’s become a classic, I am an avid fan of Terry McMillan’s work.  I hope that this doesn’t disappoint.

The Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling

With the sensational stir the Harry Potter series created, I’m surprised this book hasn’t received much attention on my radar.  There was an exciting buzz leading up to it’s release that was quieted not long after the book it the shelves.  For me, Rowling stretched the boundaries of genius with Harry Potter.  I’m curious to see if the magic in her writing will remain at Hogwarts or if she can still enchant me with this newer, non-magical book.

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