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So I Did A Thing…. That Didn’t Work Out

This past May, I pre-ordered a Freewrite Traveler (read more about that here).

It was expected to ship in June.  I expected to draft my future blog posts on the Traveler.  I anticipated a summer and fall spent hacking away on a super cool keyboard device, producing all kinds of greatness.  And (being the procrastinator that I know I am) I opted to take a break from writing, to “store up” my literary greatness to unleash it fully on the Traveler.  That way (in my mind) I would get my full money’s worth.

Original Freewrite Traveler Timeline as stated on Indiegogo

Except, June became August.  Then Fall 2019.  Then November 2019.  Then Spring 2020.  Now, I believe the anticipated ship date is March 2020.

So, earlier this week, I cancelled my order.

Now, let me explain: I knew that I was supporting a start-up product.  Something that wasn’t developed yet.  But, at the time of my pre-order, I thought the production was further along.  I placed my pre-order in early May, expecting to receive the Freewrite Traveler in mid-July at the latest.

Of course, I also know what it is like to need to push back a launch.  So, when I learned that it might be August, I was fine.  I was even fine with Fall.

But by mid-September, I had forgotten all about my order for the most part.  I also wasn’t doing much writing – though that wasn’t the Freewrite Traveler’s fault.

Mid-November, I thought to check in and saw the new projected ship date as Spring 2020.  At the time of this post, it’s due in March 2020.

When I cancelled my pre-order, I initially anticipated purchasing the Freewrite instead.  The company guaranteed that the Freewrite could ship just mere days after placing my order.  But I must admit that my frustration was more with myself than with the delayed Freewrite Traveler. I remain impressed by it and its features.  I may also one day again place an order for it (once it’s really ready; I will also probably hate having to pay the full price).

However, I allowed the delays to be an excuse to BS, to procrastinate, to not write.  I am telling myself that cancelling my order symbolizes me forcing myself to hold me accountable.

So, now that I no longer that that excuse, let’s see if I can get back into the habit of writing.

1 thought on “So I Did A Thing…. That Didn’t Work Out”

  1. This sounds like it was definitely the right decision for you. I hope you find something else that works better.

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