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#BookToMovieTrailer – Pet Sematary

For my grandma, Pet Sematary was the book.  The last straw.  She read it in the 80s but couldn’t finish it.  Too scary.  She did not finish the book — couldn’t — and did not read another Stephen King novel until the mid-2000s.

In case you don’t believe my grandma’s thoughts of the book, consider King’s.  Rumor has it, he didn’t want to publish it — both his wife and a friend determined it too scary, too dark, too bleak to appeal to anyone, and he agreed.  He eventually did offer it for publication to fulfill a contract — and his readers loved it.

On April 5, 2019, Pet Sematary returns to the big screen.   Between now and then, give the book a read and weigh in.  Is it King’s scariest book?  And are you excited to see the newest film adaptation?


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