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Home is Where the… Work Is?

At the start of April, I moved to a new city and began working remotely from home.

On the surface, this sounds wonderful.  Like a godsend.  A blessing.  I had hit the jackpot.

  1.  I was able to retain my job.
  2.  I no longer need to get up early to prepare for and commute to work.
  3.  I ideally would be able to set my own hours.


My husband also thought this meant that I would be able to balance my job with housework.  I could take breaks and wash dishes, fold clothes, vacuum, prep dinner.  The house would be immaculate!

And in some work environments, or for other, less aggressive worker-bees, maybe that is how the work-from-home mindset would go.  But in my work environment, where the minimum work week is 50 hours (and people hardly EVER do the just the minimum) the experience did not pan out as such.  In reality:

  1. I wake up early to accomplish housework. I was wash dishes, start clothes, etc., while also achieving some much needed quiet time.
  2.  My work days are usually set hours from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  3.  Hardly any atypical housework is accomplished.

For me, it is basically the same experience as working in-office, except even more challenging, as I frequently need to impose work-life balance just to maintain a semblance of sanity without throwing the entire job away.


Because I am at home, with my work, it is harder to leave work at work.  It helps that I have an office, which I try to only sit in during work hours.  But my work laptop, with the work server, work files, work email, is still in my personal space.  Still just a few feet away.  And, because there’s always so much to do, it’s easy to work non-stop, around the clock – which is NOT healthy!  One thing that has helped me continue to have a life outside of work is to actually create a life outside of work.

When my work day ends, I am also anxious to leave the house.  To go anywhere — tap dance classes, the grocery store, events around the city, or even just to drive around nowhere in my car.  Anything.  Everything. If it’s outside of my apartment, I want to do it.

But recently, our home life has changed yet again.  My husband now works an evening shift and, if I can’t be pulled away from conference calls and assignments to drop him off, often takes the car with him.  This means I must now find indoor hobbies and activities to keep me sane.

CONFESSION: This is probably the only reason I am here now, typing this post on this blog I haven’t touched in over two years.

BUT, isn’t it great that I have started writing again?  I mean, who knows where this will go?  On the other, let’s just hope I remain consistent.  Who knows how long this will last?

Stick with me people!  We can find this out together!

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