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Don’t Die in the Winter | Marginalia

Another of my blog’s is up on Columbia College Chicago’s Marginalia blog!

In middle school, my mother let me read one of her books on spiritual/faith-based growth entitled Don’t Die in the Winter: Your Season is Coming. I can’t remember everything about it, but have since resonated with the basic gist—keep persevering, pressing through the hardships because better days are ahead. Now that I live in Chicago, the title has shifted from being a personal aphorism to a literal maxim for survival….

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Die in the Winter | Marginalia”

  1. I was just notified a few weeks ago about my acceptance in CC’s MFA program. I’m wondering if you have time to connect with me? To share your experiences, advice, and maybe offer reading recommendations?

    1. Hi Bernice! My apologies for the delay – I took an extended hiatus from my blog. CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance. I would be happy to connect with you. I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time at CCC but must also say that the program was changing during my time there. I believe the MFA program may have also merged with the English department since I graduated.

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